I build websites utilizing the bootstrap framework for mobile usability. I have experience building and designing sites from scratch and using CMS's like Magento and Wordpress.

vanity pugs website example
Vanity Pugs

My wife loves her pugs! I originally built her a site using wordpress but she wasn't satisfied. Her complaint was that it was too bloggy. With her "guidance", I designed this site to fit her glamorous style. The gold really pops on that purple!

Mojo Williams Band

I am good friends with Mojo Griffey (lead guitar and vocals). He happens to be my cousin as well. He is a great musician, songwriter and classy human being. Check out his music and I'll keep hounding him to finish his second EP.

Mojo Williams Band Website Example
Midnight Special Band Website Example
Midnight Special Band STL

I work with the lead singer of Midnight Special Band STL and offered to make his band a site. I love rock music and these guys make great music rock! Check out their site and then go watch some rock.